Professional Development Workshop Series

Learn about the practical skills you need to succeed as an artist in these free Zoom sessions.

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Ian Garrett

The Business of Being an Artist

Ian Garrett is designer, producer, educator, and researcher in the field of sustainability in arts and culture. He is the director of the Centre for Sustainable Practice in the Arts; Associate Professor of Ecological Design for Performance at York University; and Producer for Toasterlab. He maintains a design practice focused on ecology, technology and scenography. Through Toasterlab’s Mixed Reality Performance Atelier, recent work includes The Stranger 2.0 with DLT Experience; Groundworks with Rulan Tangen and collaborating artists from Pomo, Wappo, and Ohlone communities; The locative audio project TrailOff with Philadelphia’s Swim Pony; and Transmission (FuturePlay/Edinburgh and Future of Storytelling Festival/New York). Notable projects include the set and energy systems for Zata Omm’s Vox:Lumen at the Harbourfront Centre and Crimson Collective’s Ascension, a solar 150’ wide crane at Coachella. With Chantal Bilodeau, he co-directs the Climate Change Theatre Action. Ian previously served as the Executive Director of the Fresh Arts Coalition, an arts service organization focused on awareness and marketing in Houston, TX, and as consultant and staff for the LA Stage Alliance. He has also served as group sales associate for Stages Repertory Theatre in Houston, spent the 2007 Fall/Winter season with DiverseWorks, and was patron services manager for the Will Geer Theatricum Botancium in Topanga, CA.  He serves on the Board of Directors for Associated Designers of Canada. He was the Curator for the US for the 2019 Prague Quadrennial, and is co-chair for World Stage Design 2022 in Calgary.

May 29th @ 10am

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Rebekah Morrison-Wize

LAC Grants 101

Rebekah Morrison-Wize, since returning to her home town of London in 2003, has dedicated herself to the London arts community within her position as Development Officer, Investments with the London Arts Council.  Rebekah holds a BFA Honours Degree in Dance from York University.  Living 20 years in Toronto, Rebekah worked with the Dancer Transition Resource Centre, Canada’s National Ballet School and Canadian Stage Theatre Company.  Rebekah manages the Community Arts Investment Program and is responsible for pursuing and securing all of LAC’s project, program and operational investments through grant applications, corporate sponsorships, in-kind donations and community partnerships.

May 29th @ 2pm

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Matthew Kyba

Building Your Portfolio

Matthew Kyba is the Curator of Exhibitions at the Visual Arts Centre of Clarington. He has independently curated exhibitions recently and upcoming at The Art Gallery of Hamilton, Museum London, The Winnipeg Art Gallery, the Ottawa Art Gallery, as well as numerous Canadian public arts institutions. He currently lives in Oshawa Ontario with his 5 and a half year old dog Rico.

May 30th @ 10am

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Alex Elias

Positive Psychology and the Creative Process

Alex Elias (BMSc. MSc.) is a Higher Education professional with a 10-year history of helping university students maximize their academic and career potential. In 2019, he expanded his coaching focus beyond education, working with various executives, managers, and teams in both the public and private sector. He uses the CliftonStrengths® assessment to help individuals, leaders, and teams successfully harness the power of their natural talents and activate on their goals.

Alex believes that the power of applying your strengths will not only lead to more personal and work successes but will allow for opportunities to celebrate the unique power each individual brings to their team and the world. Alex brings an immense amount of enthusiasm towards his individual and team coaching, with a specialized focus on long-term, sustainable, and actionable results.

Alex’s Top 5 CliftonStrengths: Activator, Strategic, Relator, Analytical, Learner

May 30th @ 2pm

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This workshop series is supported by the London Arts Council through the City of London’s Community Arts Investment Program.

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